Always a silver lining

Today was long. I mean really, REALLY LONG.

And bad. Really, REALLY bad.

It was one of those days that just starts off a little wonky, and by the end of it you’re wondering if it’s a full moon (it’s not), or if you mistakenly broke a mirror that you’re unaware of (I didnt- believe me I’ve been checking.)

The kids must have felt it, too. I hardly got to exhale in between breaking up fights, drying tears, and cleaning up various bodily fluids.

I had a food post I intended to share with you today. That, of course, was before I sliced my finger open during the prep. I’ll spare you the pictures. Just take my word for it – not pretty.

And then to top it all off, today was the day that my estranged mother-in-law decided to send her yearly martyr email. What a headache. Who needs that on a good day.

After all of that though, you know what made my day better?

No, it wasn’t the wine. Though admittedly that helped a little a lot.

It was my son. My 4yo Batman. Who wanted to sit on my lap to hear a bedtime story and whispered in my ear that he loved me and that I was the best mom.

And it was my daughter. Who fell asleep clutching my finger through the side of her crib.

Today wasn’t so bad, after all.

New food post tomorrow. Get psyched.

P.s. The beer CUPcakes were a HUGE success at hubby’s work today. I got an email from one of his coworkers saying I’d outdone myself, and that I should open a bakery or write a recipe book.


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1 Response to Always a silver lining

  1. I love reading your posts. You’re an amazing mom! Also, YES, please open a bakery and write a cook book. I will be your best customer!


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