Hubby birthday reflections

Today was Hubby’s 30th birthday! We’re coming up on 9 years together in April, so really we’ve spent almost a third our lives together. Wow. Having been friends in high school, I never in a million years would have thought that sitting across the table from me in study hall was the man I was going to have two beautiful children and a crazy life with. Funny how things work out. I reflected today on how much we’ve grown over the course of our relationship, both as individuals and a couple, and it occurred to me that time can make you vastly different and exactly the same all at once. We’re older and wiser- grown up from the foolish 21 year olds out partying and wasting our checks on video games and booze. We have bigger goals and dreams, two littles that are our entire universe, a greater sense of reality and an exceedingly different world view then we once had. We have TOTALLY CHANGED. And yet…we haven’t. We’re still us. Still same sense of humor. Same affection, same laughs, same commitment. We are so fortunate that through it all,we’ve managed to grow together.

I feel so lucky.

So today was spent hugging and giggling, playing outside on the driveway, inventing games like “What’s that crash?” while the kids created havoc in their playroom, ignoring our diet and having entirely too much takeout.

It’s now 11 at night. Bug is asleep, and Batman, who woke up sick, is snuggled with Hubby watching the Lego Movie as his tummy settles. I am downstairs, baking because I’m the world’s biggest procrastinator. I don’t even feel bad about it. I work best under pressure. Always have. I like the adrenaline rush that comes from the stress and have always been able to use it to my advantage. On tonight’s docket – a cake form of the chocolate dark mild cupcakes, as well as an experimental cake. I won’t give it away, but it involves Hubby’s favorite beer (IPA), and I’m HOPING that it turns out like I’m envisioning in my head.

Tomorrow will be rushing to clean before family gets here to celebrate a few birthdays with pizza and conversation. Those days are always my favorite. Even with the craziness it takes to gear up for it.

Off to bake, wish me luck!

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