Long night ahead

Just when things seemed calm, I have a bed full of puking kids. 😦

The day started off quiet enough. We all had breakfast and did some cleaning. Batman got a little video game time and Bug found some new crayons. Hubby went into work. Lunch went off with hitch and naptime settling in was blissfully easy.

That’s when it started.

Batman woke up early from nap crying that his stomach hurt. Within minutes the throwing up began. Poor little guy can’t keep anything down. I thought at first maybe it was food poisoning since he didn’t seem to have a fever, but by bedtime he was warm, and Bug joined in the party.

Poor Bug. I feel the worst for her. Being not yet two, she doesn’t understand the whole sick thing. She looks so scared and upset when she starts feeling nauseous. It breaks my heart.

So, the kiddos are having a sleepover in mommy’s bed for the night. Hubby is a trooper and set up camp on the floor. Since we came upstairs a few hours ago, we’ve had about a dozen instances with someone getting sick, so it’s looking like a long, sleepless night ahead.

My poor babies. I want so badly to make it go away for them.

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