Mom of the sick – A quick bedtime poem

Crying, sneezing, sniffling, wheezing

Mommy I need juice!

Coughing, sleeping, puking, weeping

Mommy I need you.

Sick kids are overwhelming,

Constant need for something new. 

You run around and fall apart

wishing you could split in two.

Dishes pile high and the floor gets lost.

Kleenex scattered around the room.

Plans get cancelled, call it in.

We’re not leaving anytime soon.

The cuddles though…and oh those hugs

Kissing cheeks and wiping tears.

Rubbing heads and holding hands

and comforting their little fears.

They’ll need me less when they are well,

so I’ll steal snuggles while I can.

Anything to hold them tighter

and love them both with all I am.

And when their colds have gone again

we will laugh, run, build, seek, play. 

Until then though, Mom has the cure-

Patience, care, and hugs all day.

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