Summer wish list

It feels SO GOOD to be at Friday night. Tonight hubby and I put the kids to bed, poured a drink, and went to sit on the back porch to share a cigar. Sure, it was freezing out, and I thought the cigar was disgusting, but for some reason it reminded me of college. Freezing outside in t-shirts back when we thought we were cool with our camel cigarettes and our cheap, cheap beer. Some days it feels so crazy to me that I can feel so old at 28.

Anyway, while I was freezing, I found myself wishing summer would hurry up and get here. I always make a wish list of things that I want to do over the summer. I’m sure I’ll change it, of course, but here is the start of my list.

1) Learn a new cooking style

2) More bonfires and barbeques

3)Finally make it a whole night back yard camping with the kids

4) Go fishing

5) Complete another mud run

6) Read more

7) Plant a bigger vegetable garden. Have kids help.

8) Take Batman fishing

9) Get out in the kayaks

10) Hit up the beer gardens with the hubby

11) See the fireworks down at Navy Pier

12) Walk down by the lake more

13) Bike more trails

14) Go geocaching

15) Make it to Festa Italiana this year (always seem to miss it)

16) Dells weekend

17) More homebrewing

18) Learn to work the grill

19) Finish back patio so hubby stops whining about it

20) Ice cream at North Pointe custard

21) Make it to Jazz in the Park more often

22) Teach Batman to ride a bike

23) Catch fireflies

24) Weekly farmers markets. Eat more local.

25) More parks

26) Slow down and enjoy life a little more

What’s on your list?

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2 Responses to Summer wish list

  1. anikaerin says:

    There’s something about having all the littles in bed and having a nice drink with the hubs and sharing a cigar even though you don’t like them, that TOTALLY brings you back, right? Love those little moments. That sounds like an amazing summer!! I really want to take my fam camping and have more hiking and bonfires and star gazing.

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