Birthdays and Anniversaries

Sunday evening is here at last!

I took the weekend off from posting. It was busy, busy, BUSY! Friday night I went with my mom to visit my brother. He lives about an hour away. It’s always good to get some time with him. Sometimes I feel like I don’t see him unless it’s an event (birthdays and holidays). We went to this little Mexican restaurant. They had delicious tamales! I know it probably makes me a bad Italian, but if I have a restaurant choice, Mexican food is almost ALWAYS my pick. Love it.

Saturday morning was spent proctoring ACT’s. Makes for a bit of a long day, but this one seemed to go by surprisingly quickly. Got lunch with my not-so-little-anymore sister afterwards (she was also working testing) and got to talk wedding! (She got engaged over Easter to her high school sweetheart) I love that she’s thinking small wedding. Girl after my own heart. It’s always funny when we find ourselves on the same wave length. We were looking at dresses online for her, and without consulting each other first on style or preferences, pulled up pretty much identical dresses. At least we know she has a look! Got home from lunch to a napping house. It’s SO strange walking in to quiet! Did some walking, played outside, and ended the day with a glass of wine. Perfecto!

Sunday morning brought furniture moving (always the helpful volunteer), a walk to the grocery store, and cooking! I’m having a hard time finding bulk chocolate in my area for ganache frosting I’ll be making tomorrow. Cupcake order to fill – one dozen chocolate and a dozen lemon. Mmmmm.

This upcoming week brings some big milestones! Hubby and I have our 9 year anniversary, and Bug is turning 2! Anniversary celebrating is going to be pretty low-key; nice dinner out and a drink or two. The way I like it!

We’ll be having appetizers and cake with family for Bug’s birthday this upcoming weekend. She’s such a spunky little girl and completely her own person. When I asked her what kind of cake she wanted, she insisted on Buzz (Lightyear). You got it, toots!

Hoping the warmer weather is here to stay! Recipe post in a few.

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