Best Behavior (FREE PDF chart printables)

My kids are READY for summer.

My house, on any given day, generally has at least 4 children. All under the age of 5. So it can get a little sketchy by the time the warm weather rolls around as they get sick of sharing with each other. So today, we started charting our behavior.

First up-

Rainbow Behavior Chart


This one’s pretty basic. 6 words describing their behavior. Increasing in goodness. Each child has their own clothes pin that can be moved up and down to show where they’re at. Red means it’s time for a time out and a do over to try again. Pretty simple and self-explanatory for preschoolers. We find it effective here because the kids get a visual of where they’re at and like to strive to be on the top of the chart.

Sweet Things Jar

This is where their good behavior earns a reward. We took a big mason jar and set it on the counter. The idea is to fill the mason jars with little pom-pom balls. They can do this one of two ways here.

First is finishing out the day on the top half of our rainbow behavior chart. For my kids, this means by bedtime. For my borrowed littles, it’s when their parents come to pick them up.

The second way they can earn their poms is by doing “sweet things” for each other. Any time I see them doing something extra nice, like sharing or helping one another, they can add a pom-pom to the jar.

Once the jar is full, they will have earned a trip to a play zone of their choice. We’re working for Monkey Joes this time around.

Chore Chart


The “R” bugged me too. It’s been fixed.

Batman is to the point where we feel he’s ready to start having some more responsibilities. Enter his chore chart. He’s only 4, so his list is pretty simple. Each day he has some basic things to accomplish, like tooth brushing, helping with dishes, and earning top behaviors on his rainbow chart (see how they all tie in?). He gets stickers in his squares every time he accomplishes his task. At the end of the week, if his chart is all filled, he earns $1.50. He wants to save his money for more Lego Mixels!

I’ve attached the PDFs to both of my charts here. Feel free to customize for your child and utilize! 🙂

PDF Chore chart

PDF Behavior Rainbow

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