Mom vs. Dryer

Woke up thinking it would be a nice, easy day. No extra kids. Just my two. We were gonna do some chores, go for a walk to the park, and wait for Hubby to get home with our newest family member (we’re bringing home a new cat today that a friend can’t keep).

Of course it didn’t work out that way.

5:45 am. Go to remove the comforter I had thrown in the dryer last night so that laundry can begin. Except it’s still wet.

Uh oh.

Turn it on another cycle and confirm my suspicion – my dryer has no heat.

So much for easy.

I guess I’m feeling extra stubborn today, but I’m determined to fix it myself. My dad would come fix it instantly of course when he gets off of work. But I don’t want to wait. And, more importantly, I want to feel like I did it.

Thank goodness for Google.


So Batman and I found a repair tutorial and got to work dismantling the dryer.

I don’t know if you’ve ever taken one apart, but there’s a ton of screws. And it’s a lot dustier than I thought.


I was cruising along fine until a bracket decided to fight me. My mom got that pic in frustration. Dryer- 1, me-0.


It was quite the victory when I got the bracket I needed out. Take that heater element housing unit.

Dryer-1, me-1

And now….it’s half time. Because I need to find a multimeter to go any further. And because Bug decided she was impatient and would make a cake by herself.


But mostly because it’s supposed to be my easy day. And I want to take a walk with my kids to the park, dammit.

Back at it later. Wish me luck!

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