Throwdown Challenger- Blondies

Go, go, go! That’s been my mantra this morning. We’ve been on the move since we got up. Batman had taekwondo testing after breakfast. He did AWESOME! He’ll have to redemonstrate his left side kick on Tuesday (he’s still a little wobbly on that leg), but other than that- he is now a little ninja GREEN belt! Such a proud momma.

Immediately afterwards, I had to rush to pick up Rose from poms. It was my first time rushing from one activity to another…**Achievement Unlocked: Soccer Mom Status** She’s with me this weekend. We’ll be off to a birthday party after nap time. On top of that, add the rushing to get a weekend’s worth of chores done before noon so I can relax tomorrow, and I’m ready for a nap myself!

So yesterday, for those of you following along, was my baking throwdown. Last night I posted the 1st contender- brownies.


They were phenomenal . Now let’s meet the challenger-

White Chocolate Blondies


Blondies don’t get nearly enough recognition. Every bit as delicious as its brownie brethren, the blondie is a little more subtle. It’s got this buttery flavor with all of the ooey gooey goodness you love. With this recipe, it’s amped up a notch with the addition of white chocolate chips. They certainly hold their own and deserve to step out of the brownie’s shadow.


This recipe has an extra special ingredient- coconut oil. Coconut oil is all the rage these days. So many great properties and uses. Add these blondies to their repertoire. The coconut oil gives a unique sweetness with an extra subtle hint of flavor, while still keeping all of the ‘buttery’ goodness you’d get using a different oil or…well, butter.


So there you have it- blondies and brownies. Who will win the throwdown and earn the champion title?

White Chocolate Chip Blondies

1 c coconut oil

1 bag white chocolate chips, divided

1 1/2 c sugar

2 tsp vanilla extract

3 eggs

1 1/2 c flour

1/2 tsp baking powder

1/4 tsp salt

Preheat oven to 350. In small microwave safe bowl, melt coconut oil and 1/2 cup white chocolate chips (about 40 second full power). Stir until combined.

In large mixing bowl or stand mixer, blend oil/chocolate mixture with sugar and vanilla until smooth. Mix in eggs, 1 at a time, until incorporated fully.

In a separate small bowl, stir together flour, baking powder, and salt. Slowly pour into mixer and blend until well incorporated.

Stir another 1/2 cup white chocolate chips into batter by hand, then pour into parchment lined 9×9 glass baking dish. Sprinkle additional white chocolate chips on top. Bake at 350 degrees for 40-50 minutes, until toothpick inserted comes out mostly clean. Cool before removing from pan.

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2 Responses to Throwdown Challenger- Blondies

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  2. Janessa says:

    Man, how could I choose one over the other?! I’ll take one of each please 🙂 Can’t wait to give them a try!


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