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Grilled Buffalo Chicken Burger- Vote for me!

I’ve had a ROUGH week you guys. Packing up my grandmother in law to move to assisted living, garage broken into and stuff stolen, papa in the hospital…it’s been tough. So then this morning, I got this email. My recipe … Continue reading

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To conceive or not to conceive

It’s happening again. I’ve got baby fever, y’all. HARD CORE, relentless gimme-that-newborn-so-I-can-sniff-it baby fever. Here I am 20 days out from my 29th birthday, two kids in and DYING for a third. There’s just one problem. My little sister’s getting … Continue reading

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What Married Sexting Looks Like (totally suitable for work)

I’m in cleaning mode today. I figured if I didn’t send Hubby proof, he’d never believe me when I told him I actually worked upstairs. Kids, you know? Here’s how that played out: Oh hey! The carpet in the kids … Continue reading

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I’ve been procrastinating lately. With my posts. My garden. My projects. I can’t help it. The weather is gorgeous. I’ve been enjoying hanging out with my kids. A little extra alone time with the hubby. Getting out with friends. Homebrewing, … Continue reading

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