About me

I am dedicated to sharing this blog with all of you. I think that blogs are important. They provide a way for people to share ideas and recipes, to converge and swap advice, to learn and to grow. Most importantly, they provide a sense of community and belonging. A feeling of connectedness with others in the world around us.

Who I am:

I am a parent.

I am a partner and a housewife.

I am a reader and a writer.

A Midwestern girl.

I am an amateur but enthusiastic baker, chef, and crafter.

My ambitions sometimes are greater than my ability, but I hope to always want to better myself.

I am a care provider. For the children of others and my own, for pets and plants, friends and companions.

I am a nerd girl. A comic enthusiast, gamer at heart. Science buff and trivia queen.

I have a passion for people and go out of my way to help those around me.

I am always learning and growing.

Everyday I become a little more mom, and a little more me.

I am so excited to share with all of you.

This blog is a little bit of who I am. Expect laughter. Recipes. Kids crafts and activities. Sharing the hard things (because life is real and not always rosy). A cup of coffee and a glass of wine. Honesty. Me.


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